12494-015.1 Bissell Point WWTF Main Substation Switchgear and MCC Replacement


Accepting Bids

Bid Date10/24/19 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District

Lisa Treat, ltreat@stlmsd.com  

Furnish and install all components associated with the Bissell Point WWTF Main Substation Switchgear and MCC Replacement. These components include, but are not limited to, new arc resistant switchgear (main switchgear) with equipment enclosure, equipment foundation for main switchgear, new connections to existing Ameren transformers, replacement of low resistance grounding system, replacement of medium voltage conductors and associated duct banks, replacement of indoor motor control centers, transformers, and lighting panels in the Primary Control Building and Tunnels, Grit Building, Gate Building, Comminutor Building, and Preparatory Area Tunnel, addition of gas detection, addition of Comminutor Electrical Building with associated equipment foundation, and general site work as described in the Contract Documents and shown on the Drawings.