12472-015.1 DC-02 & DC-03 Sanitary Relief (Brentwood Blvd to Conway Rd) Phase III & IV

The Contractor shall furnish all the materials, tools, equipment, labor to perform the installation of approximately 17,771 feet of 8-inch to 54-inch diameter sanitary sewers and appurtenances (including 4,871 feet of 8-inch to 54-inch tunnel/trenchless technology construction), 1,652 feet of sliplining 21-inch and 24-inch host pipe with 12 inch pipe, 1 junction chamber, 99 manholes, creek stabilization, installation of approximately 96 feet of 12 inch and 24 inch storm sewers and appurtenances, manhole rehabilitation of 9 existing manholes, manhole and sewer fill, seal and abandonment, elimination of 7 Constructed Sanitary Sewer Overflows, and other associated work.
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