12828-015.1 Bissell Point WWTF Redundant Sludge Acceptance System

The Work of this Contract is generally described as demolition of: existing polymer storage tanks and associated piping, cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall, pavement, mechanical equipment, piping, duct banks, electrical, generator, instrumentation and control wiring, and associated site features. New facilities include: cast-in-place concrete structure; sole-source Schwing Bioset equipment consisting of sludge hopper and hatch, hydraulic power unit, biosolids pump, twin screw feeder, and push floor dischargers; hoist; sump pump; buried and exposed interior piping; valves; motor control center; electrical facilities and wiring; instrumentation and control equipment; HVAC equipment; and site work including excavation, backfill, finish grading, paving, and seeding.
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